Antiques in the Store
  1. Porcelain Coca Cola Sign
    Porcelain Coca Cola Sign
    Old Wallace Grocery Coca Cola Sign
  2. Esso Servicenter Sign
    Esso Servicenter Sign
    Old Esso Servicenter Sign
  3. Rare DX Sunray Sign
    Rare DX Sunray Sign
    10' Porcelain DX Sign
  4. Old Western Auto Sign
    Old Western Auto Sign
    Original Western Auto Sign with Arrow
  5. Group of Old Porcelain Sign
    Group of Old Porcelain Sign
    Fantastic Tydol, Plymouth, Sherwin WIlliams and Rexall Sign
  6. Some Really Cool Signs
    Some Really Cool Signs
    Dixie Gasoline Sign, Quaker State Flange Sign, AAA Sign
  7. Very Rare International Harvester Sign
    Very Rare International Harvester Sign
    Porcelain IH Sign ( Walker )
  8. Phillips 66 and Socony Sign
    Phillips 66 and Socony Sign
    Just a few of our Signs
  9. Gulf and Cattle Sign
    Gulf and Cattle Sign
    Some of our Best Signs
  10. Gulf Dealer and Pure Sign
    Gulf Dealer and Pure Sign
    Some of our 6' Signs
  11. Church Bell
    Church Bell
    500 lb. Church Bell
  12. Rexall Sign
    Rexall Sign
    12' Rexall Sign
  13. Salvation Army Sign
    Salvation Army Sign
    Some of our Booths
  14. Boat Motors
    Boat Motors
    Some of our old boat motors
  15. Gas Pump
    Gas Pump
    Old Marine Pump and Bowser Pump
  16. Inside the Shop
    Inside the Shop
    Some of our RR Items
  17. Toms Machine
    Toms Machine
    Old Toms Candy Machine
  18. Gas Pump and Lubster
    Gas Pump and Lubster
    Sinclair Gas Pump and Gulf Lubster
  19. Greatest Stop Sign
    Greatest Stop Sign
    Old Stop sign
  20. 8' Eagle Carving
    8' Eagle Carving
    Solid 8' Eagle
  21. Coke Button
    Coke Button
    24" Coke Button
  22. Porcelain Harley Davidson Sign
    Porcelain Harley Davidson Sign
    Harley Davidson Flange Sign
  23. Budweiser Sack Rack
    Budweiser Sack Rack
    Old Sack Holder
  24. Inside the Shop
    Inside the Shop
    Porcelain Double Cola Sign
  25. Oldsmobile Sign
    Oldsmobile Sign
    Great Porcelain Oldsmobile Sign
  26. 1954 Mobile Sign
    1954 Mobile Sign
    Mobile Sign with Bracket
  27. Old Fire Alarm
    Old Fire Alarm
    6' Fire Alarm
  28. Smileage Sign
    Smileage Sign
    The Greatest Dentist Sign
  29. Sears Sign
    Sears Sign
    Sears Sign
  30. 5 & 10 Sign
    5 & 10 Sign
    Porcelain 5 & 10 Sign with Bracket
  31. 6' Pennzip Sign
    6' Pennzip Sign
    6' Pennzip / Pennzoil Sign
  32. Rest Room Sign
    Rest Room Sign
    Skelly Sign
  33. Purina Products Sign
    Purina Products Sign
    Purina Sign with Checker Sign
  34. DX Sign
    DX Sign
    Cool DX Sign
  35. Citi Service Sign
    Citi Service Sign
    Porcelain Citi Service Sign with Frame
  36. 200 lb. Anvil
    200 lb. Anvil
    Anvil from 1800's